Today is New Years Eve and I was thinking about how this year has been and what I'd like to change moving into the new one. 2017 has been a great year and I accomplished a lot. I think what changed was that I was more consistent, focused, and dedicated this year. Before, I used to say that I wanted to do this and do that but I never made any actions to fulfill my words. Not only did I take action this year, I also listened to my heart. By that I mean trusting myself and my opinions on topics such as "Who are you?", "What is your image/brand/sound?" I realized that the reason I was stagnant for a while was because I wasn't being true to who I am. I was trying to mold myself into what I thought was the ideal way to be, trying to emulate the "mainstream" sound & look. I've corrected myself so that I am no longer self-conscious about trying new things, a new look, a new style. After all, I am a growing adolescent and I shouldn't be afraid of change. I realized that once I was being myself, there was no way I could go wrong, and everything that is meant to be will fall in place with the real me, not an artificial one. With that being said, for 2018 I want to continue being consistent and I also want to push myself even further. I plan to be my own advocate, create my own opportunities, make meaningful connections with people, and still live my happiest life!